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Llama_SoL Twitch

Twitch streams normally have a few bells and whistles.... Well here at Llama Corp we stole as many as we could from the local train yard. I know it's a lot and can be hard to navigate! Which is why I have created this place to house all the information needed for the stream.

Commands and Channel Points will have all the information and examples of the streams tools. These will also be labeled on what roles can use what. We try to give everyone things to play with, but we wanted ones to show appreciation to subs and VIPs. 

Wanted to know what is in Llama's crazy setup? Look no further than the setup tab! Software and tools that are used will also be put here. If you think something is missing please let the team know as Llama keeps buying junk and making our life harder on the web team.....

Lastly the stream schedule can be found on the last page. This is only the stream schedule, but will be updated if things change drastically. The discord is the best place though for any day to day changes with the stream.