What is the LlamaNation?

LlamaNation is the community in and of itself. My community is the essence of why I do what I do. And because of this I try to do as much as I can for them anytime I can. It isn't always the most flashy, but we do what we can.

This is the spot to find LlamaNation servers to come and hang out with other people in the community. Whether you are Minecraft fan, Ark, Satisfactory, or any other kind of player there are people for you around. I try to make a place for people to just come and hang out and have fun.

Down below will be all the server information you need and how to gain access to these servers.

Huge thanks to the awesome PapaTurts for setting up our official server! The server has TONS of awesome features including a sweet Dynamic Map, economy setup, amazing terrain generation, 1.18.2 version, and plenty of other useful tools for you to get into.

IP: Play.LlamaSoL.com

*Warning: You need to redeem Minecraft Access on stream and be Lvl 10 on my discord to be whitelisted*