Who is Llama_SoL

Just your average Minecraft loving llama. This journey started over a decade ago with my first stream and I have yet to stop since. I love making all kinds of content though from game reviews, Minecraft lets plays, and even some game challenges. The part I enjoy the most though is bringing together an amazing community.

I am 25 years old and currently working in the field of IT. I love tech and anything that has to do with it. One day I am hoping to get back into the tech review world, but one step at a time. With that love of tech, I left college and decided to persue a career in IT at an MSP which to this day I am still at while I stream after work.

I have a few hobbies, but the main ones that I really enjoy are music, puzzles, and who would have guess... making content. I am a huge music nerd going through my life playing some kind of instrument whether it was a clarinet or saxophone. My final choice is Bassoon which I currently play, and you can even find me playing sometimes on stream! Along with playing the bassoon though I am a huge puzzle nerd. I have a massive collection of twisty puzzles with plenty more to come. 

Excited to meet new people and cannot wait to see you as well this growing and amazing community!