Slime Rancher 2 Review

Donut County review

Have you ever wanted to play as a racoon and suck an entire town into sinkholes that put them into the hollow center of the earth for a drone? Well if you haven’t WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. If you have wanted to, this game is perfect for you. Creating holes and selling donuts is the name of the game and it’s a pretty dang fun one at that.

When you first get into the game you are dropped straight into the fun and vibrant game style with a very simple layout. This is really useful for kids and younger players to just go straight into the game and enjoy playing it. Once you start you instantly go into the story of the 2 main characters and make holes through the town one after another. Even with barely any tutorial it is a really basic gameplay that can be grasped easily.

Hehe funny duck emoji 🦆

Besides just cute little duck emojis the game has a really nice and cute art style. It’s based on a simplistic cartoony style which really helps fit the game. This paired with the colors gives a cheerful and fun experience even while you destroy literally the entire town….

The story adds to the style so well with a lot of funny interactions between the characters and how the flow is done. They go about telling a story of how they ended up where they are until it matches with the present and combines the whole idea into one. Every level follows the story with unique elements in each one. Instead of just a nice devouring hole game you add puzzle mechanics into the mix. I would love to see something to expand on the puzzle idea like maybe challenge levels, but it’s a really nice addition.

With all the bright and colorful places you have very fun music to go with it. All of the music is cheery and fits the levels really well. Nothing else to say, except it’s really nice and fun to listen to.

The game even has a BOSS FIGHT! Who would have guessed this style of game would have one, but it’s actually really fun.

A modded section would be amazing to add into this game to give players more ways to expand on the puzzle aspect and make more challenging levels for those who want less of a leisurely hole game. Probably wouldn’t happen as the game is multiple years old, but one can hope!

I would highly suggest playing on Game Pass since it’s a nice 3 hours or so gameplay and is just a fun no thought kind of game. Even though it is 4 years old it is a certified classic and worth at least 1 playthrough.